Painting of Maraea Morete, champion of the Early Salvationist movement.

61 x 50.5 cm, Oil on Linen, 2014

"Christianity is salvation by the conversion of the will; humanism by the enlightenment of the mind". Amiel.

Maraea Morete's (Maria Morris's) young husband was murdered by Te Kooti's associates. Maraea nearly came to the same fate but narrowly escaped. Her story was one of revenge (falcon) of Te Koooti (kaka) and she roamed the land in his pursuit. Impoverished, she walked into Gisborne and joined the Salvationists, this led to her own salvation and ulimate forgiveness of Te Kooti (inverted hand gesture). The claddagh broach ref: Maraea's Irish parentage, Maori iwi - Ngati Porou & Te Aitanga-a-Mahaki.