Vintage rocking horse ride

Praxis speaks to the process of things. As children, we enact skills by trial and error in order to prepare us for more dangerous pursuits. We attach meaning to the things which shape us, form memories and over time create nostalgia. I found this remnant in an overgrown, disused playground in Akaroa. It reminded me of one in my local playground in Corsair Bay. A patchwork album of monikers, love declarations and an undeniable statement that at one point in history, ‘I was here’.

Edition: 75 plus AP's

Size A: (Lge): 52.5 x 80cm • Image: 43 x 70.8cm
Price: $750 AUD - S&N (Plus Courier)

Size B: (Sml): 40.5 x 61cm • Image: 33 x 54.5cm
Price: $560 AUD - S&N (Plus Courier)

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