Limited edition print of a woman sitting in the rising ocean.

Salinity is a painting which leaves little to interpretation. It is a painting of multiple stories entwined together to form a narrative of an ever widening global problem of mankind’s impact upon once pristine environments. It is a painting of loss and a reflection of dire consequence in the face of ambivalence and lack of action. My aim with this work is to draw attention to the problem of ocean rise within the South Pacific. While environmental issues often arise within my work, the direction to place this work toward the Pacific is new territory. Both of these semi surrealist works started from a plastic refuse necklace foraged from the beach and inspired the idea ‘Once we wore garlands'.

Edition: 50 plus AP's
Size: 61 x 44.5cm • Image: 52 x 37.5cm
Price: $685 AUD - S&N (Plus Courier)     

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